About us

Devcode Marketplace is one of the fastest growing App source code Marketplaces and sharing your App source code at our site is fast, easy & free!.  Our mission is to provider an easy and intuitive way for developers to share/sell their code with no strings attached.

Simply Signup and upload or Link your iOS or Android project. Your source code doesn't have to be hosted on our site. You can simply post a link to an Archive/Zip file on your site or any other location. 

Devcode Marketplace is always free to developers, so there is no fee you pay to post your source code on the site. We do not currently process payments, however we are working on implementing this feature quite soon. If you wish to sell your code, you can simply post your app info & provide a link to your website or any other location where the users can download the file from. So why not  share your code on Devcode Marketplace as other developers have already done?.

 It's easy, fast & free plus there is nothing you lose, you simply get free publicity of your App. If you wish to get more information, Click on the Help button on the bottom right corner on this page to Contact us.