Kickflip SDK - Android App Source Code

  • Kickflip SDK - Android App Source Code
  • Kickflip SDK - Android App Source Code
  •     Description   

  • Example project for integration of the Kickflip Android SDK for super easy live broadcasts


    • High Definition 
    • Background recording
    • OpenGL Video Effects

    Building this project

    Set up Java, the Android SDK & Build-Tools

    1. Download and install the latest JDK
    2. Download and install the Android SDK
    3. Run path/to/android-sdk/tools/android to install the following packages:

      • Android SDK Tools 22.6.3
      • Android SDK Platform-tools 19.0.2
      • Android SDK Build-tools 19.1
      • Android 4.4.2 SDK Platform 3
      • Android Support Repository 5
      • Android Support Library 19.1
    4. Define the Android SDK root directory as $ANDROID_HOME in your environment.

      <code># ~/.bash_profile
      # e.g If you're using Android Studio on Mac OS X:
      export ANDROID_HOME=/Applications/Android\

    ProTip: You should have the Android SDK root, along with the /tools and /platform-tools sub-directories added to your PATH.

    After you sign up for a Kickflip account, copy your API keys to./app/src/main/java/io/kickflip/sample/

    <code>    $ touch ./app/src/main/java/io/kickflip/sample/

            package io.kickflip.sample;
            public class SECRETS {
                public static final String CLIENT_KEY = <span>"YourKickflipKey"</span>;
                public static final String CLIENT_SECRET = <span>"YourKickflipSecret"</span>;

    Building from the Command Line

    1. From this directory run:

      <code>$ ./gradlew assembleDebug
    2. The Kickflip Example .apk will be in ./app/build/apk. Install it!

      <code>$ adb install ./app/build/apk/app-debug-unaligned.apk

    Building with Android Studio

    1. Select Import Project and point Android Studio to the root project directory.

    2. Hit the Play Icon or control + R to build and run on your attached Android device.


    Apache 2.0

    <code>Copyright 2014 OpenWatch, Inc.
    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
    you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    You may obtain a copy of the License at<br></code>