• Swift Tips that Developers should know

    07 June 2017
    Improve the Readability of ConstantsA neat way to utilize structs in Swift is to make a file for all the constants in our application. This is useful because Swift allows us to nest structures like so:import Foundation struct Constants { struct FoursquareApi { static let BaseUrl = "https://api.foursquare.com/v2/" } structRead more...
  • Working with JSON in Swift

    07 June 2017
    If your app communicates with a web application, information returned from the server is often formatted as JSON. You can use the Foundation framework’s JSONSerialization class to convert JSON into Swift data types like Dictionary, Array, String, Number, and Bool. However, because you can’t be sure of theRead more...
  • Display a popover in Swift

    27 March 2016
    In swift we have the UIPopoverPresentationController to deal with that need.First you need a ViewController that will be the view of your popover. You can built it in the storyboard or in code.If its in a storyboard you will access it in code with something like that :let storyboard:UIStoryboard=UIStoryboard(name:"Main",bundle:nil)varmenuRead more...
  • How to add a bar button to a navigation bar in Swift

    27 March 2016
    Available from iOS 2.0Navigation bars are one of the most common user interface components in iOS, so being able to add buttons to them is something you'll do a lot. You can add buttons to the left and right side of a navigation bar, and as of iOS 5.0 you can add more than one to either side.Note: bar button items don't belong to the UINaRead more...
  • Display an Alert View in Swift

    26 March 2016
     Alert views display an informative alert message to the user. Alert views interrupts the user and requires them to stop what they’re doing to choose an action or dismiss the alert. In this tutorial we will display an alert view when the user clicks a button. We will use Swift as the language of this tutorial, so we need Xcode 6. It canRead more...
  • Swift NSTimer Tutorial

    NSTimer Tutorial Toolbar
    26 March 2016
    What is NSTimer?The NSTimer class can be used to create ‘timer’ objects in your iOS applications. Simply put – a timer. I’m sure you’ve all seen iOS applications that have a similar function to this. Ever wondered how they work? Wondering How NSTimer Works? Well, it works by waiting for a specific interval of time to eRead more...
  • WatchKit Tutorial with Swift

    Are you a Bitcoin billionaire yet?
    26 March 2016
    WatchKit is Apple’s new framework and related technologies that allow you to create apps for the Apple Watch, released along with Xcode 6.2.In this WatchKit tutorial, you’ll create your first WatchKit app with Swift. Specifically, you’ll take a Bitcoin price tracking app, and make a Watch app that goes along with it.In the process, you’ll lRead more...

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.03.20 AM
    26 June 2015
     This app will allow the user to swipe between the timezones so they can easily know what time it is anywhere in Canada and the US.This app is built on top of the Tutorial: Today Widget in Swift tutorial, since in that app we also made a timezone view. Since the Today Widget and the Apple Watch apps are very similar because they are Read more...

    26 June 2015
    In a new project we wanted to give the user options when they swipe across a table view cell. Most people know that in the Mail app for iOS 8 you can swipe and expose 3 buttons “More” “Flag” and “Archive”. Lets look to see how we can display our own buttons with different colors and titles, then do something when they are tapped.UITABLERead more...
  • UICollectionView in Swift

    iOS Photos App
    26 June 2015
    The iOS Photos app has a stylish way of displaying photos via a multitude of layouts. You can view your photos in a nice grid view:Or you can view your albums as stacks:You can even transition between the two layouts with a cool pinch gesture. “Wow, I want that in my app!”, you may think.UICollectionView makes adding your own custom layoutRead more...
  • How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush with Swift Tutorial

    26 June 2015
     Matthijs Hollemans on June 24, 2014Learn to make a tasty match-3 game in the new Swift languageUpdate 4/10/2015: Updated for Xcode 6.3.A little while back, I wrote an Objective-C tutorial about how to make a game like the Candy Crush Saga, which is a very popular casual match-3 game.But I thought it would be great to Read more...
  • Swift Tutorial: A Quick Start

    Get started quickly with this Swift tutorial!
    22 June 2015
    Swift Tutorial: A Quick StartGet started quickly with this Swift tutorial!Update 12/18/14: Series updated for Xcode 6.1.1.Swift is Apple’s brand new programming language, just released this year at WWDC.Along with the language, Apple released an excellent Swift reference guide that I highly recommend.However, the reference guide is longRead more...
  • UIWebView loadRequest

    16 June 2015
    override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. let url = NSURL (string: "http://www.google.com"); let requestObj = NSURLRequest(URL: url!); myWebView.loadRequest(requestObj); self.view.addSubview(myWebView) } Read more...
  • Swift Tutorial: Optionals and Control Flow

    25 February 2015
    In this article, we zoom in on control flow in Swift. Before we can discuss control flow in more detail, we need to take a look at a concept that is new to most of you, optionals. Optionals are another safety feature of Swift. At first, it may look like a hassle to use optionals, but you'll quickly learn that optionals will make your code much safeRead more...
  • Getting started with Swift programming language

    19 February 2016
    Getting started with Swift programming language   Introduction to Swift : Tutorial 1Few days back, in a surprising move Apple introduced a new programming language called  ‘Swift’ to be a new platform for the development of iOS apps.Along with the introduction of Swift the XCode IDE is now upgraded to XCodeRead more...