• Display Ads in your Application with Google AdMob

    GoogleAdmob SDK Options
    26 February 2016
    Displaying Ads in your Application with Google AdMob.In this Google AdMob tutorial, I am going to show you how to display ads in your iOS Applications using the Google SDK for AdMob. A perfect way to make money from apps.I have had a lot of people recently message in to ask about what is happening with iAds. And what alternatives are there out therRead more...
  • Detecting low Power Mode in Swift

    26 February 2016
    What is low power mode?Low power mode is a new way that apple is tackling their ever dwindling batteries. It stops all background activity, dims the screen and uses different assets to save power. It’s pretty neat to be fair, I have survived on 1% for half an hour before. I know, Sounds like a lie, but trust me. It isn’t.Create Detect Low PowerRead more...
  • Presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouraged Warning

    24 July 2015
    Warning :-Presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouragedTo avoid getting the warning in a push navigation, you can directly use : [self.view.window.rootViewController presentViewController:viewController animated:YES completion:nil]; And then in your modal view controller, when everything is finished, you can just call :Read more...
  • Buttons & Icons For Your iPhone Apps

    19 February 2016
      ikonic - 150 vector icons for iOS projects.  Batch - A free suite of 300 icons for web and user interface design. Icons by Adam Whitcroft.  Glyphish - 200+ grayscale icons by Joseph Wain. Free 1x size versions.  iPhone UI Icon Set - a nice set of icons by designer Eddie Wilson. These areRead more...
  • Android spinner example using ArrayAdapter

    Android spinner from ArrayAdapter string array and from xml resource
    24 February 2015
    Android spinner example using ArrayAdapter and XML resourceAndroid spinner is very much like the HTML<select> tag. It basically displays dropdown list and you can select one from the list. There is no multi select available at this time. In this tutorial we will go thru the following ... Create a spinner from XML resource arrayCreate a sRead more...
  • A Recipe for writing responsive REST clients on Android

    19 February 2016
    Android development is easy but making the app resilient is hard.Apps are developed under perfect conditions. Test phones with few applications running on top of them with a reliable network conditions. When the app is handed off to end users, environment change dramatically. People use their apps everywhere and network connection isRead more...
  • Android In App Billing (FlowChart)

    Android In App Billing Flow Chart
    24 February 2015
    Take a quick look then I’ll try and walk you through the process:Explanation of the symbolsSix symbols are mainly used:This is the symbol for when Google send you a Broadcast that something about the purchase has changed (you catch it in a broadcast reciever):This is showing that you need to store this data (in memory/in a database – its upto yRead more...
  • Android Swipe to Refresh

    19 February 2016
    I have recently came across this new View in the support library package that allows your app to have built-in support for pull swipe to refresh. This is pretty cool, since we don't have to use any of the libraries out there. Admittedly, very little customization can be done, but then what else can we customize, right?Anyway, heRead more...
  • Android Progress Wheel

    Sample Image
    24 February 2015
    This is a custom component for Android intended for use instead of a progress bar. Download source from https://github.com/Todd-Davies/ProgressWheel/archive/master.zipA complete walkthrough of how to use this component in your appXML:To implement the view in your xml layout do the following:Add the following to your attrs.xml file (in res/valuRead more...
  • Android Camera

    24 February 2015
    1. Android CameraMost Android devices have at least one camera. Some devices have a front and a back facing camera.Using the camera on the Android device can be done via the integration of existing camera application. In this case you would start the existing Camera application via an intent and use the return data of the applicationRead more...
  • UICollectionView custom layout tutorial

    25 February 2015
    For a recent project I needed to refactor a primary view within our iPad app, so I decided to learn the ins and outs of UICollectionView (introduced in iOS 6) and I thought it would make for a good tutorial to share. My project ended up needing a custom UICollectionViewLayout which meant I needed to handle more of the layout logic than if I'd used Read more...