Swift QuickShot 8 - iOS App Source Code

  • Swift QuickShot 8 - iOS App Source Code
  • Swift QuickShot 8 - iOS App Source Code
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  • QuickShot8 is an iOS app written in Swift to take photos and send to twitter, Facebook, email and, optionally, save. QuickShot8 is a sample/test app written in Swift that allows the user to take a picture and immediately post it to twitter, facebook or send in an email without having to save it to their device.

     After they take a picture they immediately get the option to send or post it somewhere. After doing this they get the option of saving it to their device or not. If they save it to their device it gets saved in the Documents directory for the application. By selecting the Edit option on the primary screen you can view all saved files and choose to re-send them or delete them. All of this exercises a fair number of iOS features.

    Because the real purpose of this app is to explore iOS and Swift, best practices were sometimes not followed in order to do exploring. I apologize for anything really awful. And for not using constants for all of my strings, and possibly numbers. I will go back and get those eventually.