Overshare Kit - iOS App Source Code

  • Overshare Kit - iOS App Source Code
  • Overshare Kit - iOS App Source Code
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  • A soup-to-nuts sharing library for iOS. Sharing is far too cumbersome to implement on iOS. UIActivityViewController is too limiting, and rolling your own library is too time-consuming. Most devs end up settling for underwhelming sharing options for lack of the time or inclination to make something better.

    OvershareKit makes it trivial to add rich sharing options to your iOS apps. In a word, OvershareKit has everything:

    Beautiful share sheets with pixel-perfect, full-color icons in a simple layout.

    Lots of tweakable options, including a gorgeous dark mode.

    Built-in integration with iOS Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    Built-in integration with popular third-party services like App.net, Instapaper, and more.

    Complete multi-account management, including authentication and storing credentials securely in the Keychain.

    Killer text editing views with as-you-type Twitter syntax highlighting, Riposte-style swipe gesture cursor navigation, and automatic smart quotes.